Vultures need our help

Half of Africa, Asia and Europe’s vultures are on the verge of extinction. Species populations have declined up to 99.9%. The reasons? Persecution via poisoning, poaching for trade in vulture body parts, electrocution and collision on energy infrastructure, accidental poisoning – the list goes on. The fact is vultures are being hit from all sides, and a misinformed bad public image doesn’t help their cause either.

The good news is we have solutions. It has been five years since BirdLife International uplisted a number of vultures to Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List and since then, we have made big strides in our work to save them. By working with our Partners in vulture range countries, we have developed and tested tools to address these threats. Now we are calling on you, to help us put these solutions into place and save vultures across their range.

The value of vultures. Vultures provide services that benefit humankind immeasurably. They make our environment cleaner by clearing rotting carcasses and other organic waste, and evidence suggests this also helps limit the spread of infectious diseases. In Africa, they are also an important ally to rangers, circling above elephant carcasses killed for their ivory thus leading them to poaching activity. And they do all this for free. Their demise therefore presents a socioeconomic problem as yet uncalculated and often unappreciated.

Double your donation. In recognition of this urgent cause, our passionate anonymous supporters are providing match funding for the first US$10,000 raised, making your contribution go even further. Your donation will therefore be DOUBLED, delivering twice the impact. 🔥

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We’re making a difference

The complex and widespread nature of this challenge is one that the global collaboration of the BirdLife Partnership is uniquely placed to combat. In recent years, we have fought to end accidental poisoning via veterinary drugs used to treat cattle and have celebrated country-wide bans in areas of Asia. Some populations in Asia, which had suffered the worst declines of all, are beginning to recover as a result of these breakthroughs.

However, there is still a mountain to climb and the situation in Africa is particularly dire: there is simply not enough conservation capacity to address the sheer scale of persecution and illegal trade here. The recoveries in Eurasia give us hope: with enough resources we can pull vultures back from the brink.

There's a great deal to be done now, while the chance to make a difference remains. Your support will fund urgent actions like the creation of 'Vulture Safe Zones' and engaging with traditional healers to find alternatives to use of vulture parts in belief-based practices.

Donations from people like you makes an enormous difference, and these magnificent birds are worth so much more alive than dead. So please, donate now and help us keep vultures flying.

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